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Director's Welcome

- Cris & Ramona

We invite you to be a part of our story and our joy in changing thousands of lives in Romania!
"I would rather listen to my heart and be impressed by the smiles of the wonderful children that I meet. Every step forward they make is a step forward for me and their joy is my joy too" - Ramona


"I want to be a pencil in the hands of God, writing a love letter to the world." - Cris

our vision

Changing lives, building futures!

We want to play a part in changing the lives of people in need: we believe that we have a responsibility to work together to achieve this. We build the future of many children by providing support, education and hope. Hope and love changes lives.

Helping Children to reach their full potential 

We support children from poor families, helping them to improve in their education, from teaching them to read and write, to offering material and financial support during higher education.

Emotional healing, adult health

We want to see mature adults, responsible parents and loving wives and husbands, so in our projects we focus on counselling and supporting to build integrity, responsibility and education for healthy families. We support and help women who are going through hard times in dysfunctional families.

registered charity no. 29187510




Impreuna pentru speranta.

Together, for hope.

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