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About Us In 1997 a few volunteers started to work with children from disadvantaged families in different areas surrounding Drobeta Turnu Severin in the Mehedinți county of Romania. Work began with a team consisting of only a couple of volunteers but nevertheless, improvements in the children’s social skills, behaviour and attitudes towards education began to show and change. Now Hands of Hope has a much larger team of volunteers and is involved in the lives of over 400 children, reaching over 300 of which on a weekly basis. The volunteers are socially supporting many poor families and have also started projects assisting new mothers and babies and also with students who wish to continue in their education but are financially unable to do so.
In 2011, these volunteers registered all its projects under the name of 'Asociatia Hands of Hope' with a message of giving hope to those who need it the most.
Hands of Hope now has ten projects including six education programmes, three social support programmes and a sexual health clinic.
Asociatia Hands of Hope is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping the helpless and giving them a chance for a better future. Hands of Hope is committed to providing educational and social support for Romanian and Romany children and families, giving them the opportunity to realise their own potential and abilities. Asociatia Hands of Hope is a registered NGO in Romania (registered number 29187510)
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registered charity no. 29187510




Impreuna pentru speranta.

Together, for hope.

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